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After starting off as one of the hottest teams in the NBA, the Portland Trail Blazers wilted a bit after the All-Star break.
So, you know that monthly TriMet pass that you bought from some guy – maybe on Craigslist or at a MAX station – for a too-good-to-be-true price?
A dead whale that washed ashore on the Oregon coast was buried at the beach on Wednesday.
Two of the three suspects arrested following a burglary, short chase and police shooting in southwest Portland on Wednesday are scheduled to be arraigned on several charges on Friday.
Over the past year, the Canby Police Department has received information from multiple people that illegal drugs were being sold from the Forrest Manor Apartment complex, located at apartment 292 S. Locust Street, Canby, Oregon.
Washington County Deputies responded to a fatal motorcycle crash on SW Scholls Sherwood Road near SW Lebeau Road.
The young man was found walking on SW Allen Blvd by his father and has been returned home safe.
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The Democrats, hoping to rebound to their glory days of 2012, are trying to avoid massive mid-term losses by accusing Conservatives of being racists. Will it work again in 2014?
: No, in fact there will be a backlash against it
: Yes, they are racists
: Not sure playing the race card will work again in 2012