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Kid Fit! Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving!
Welcome to KUIK's Kid Fit Program!

We are committed to helping local families become AND stay healthy and fit.

Childhood Obesity is at Epidemic Proportions. 1-in-3 American Youth are obese or overweight.

Computers, Smart Phones, Video Games, TV...it's all cool! Add in processed foods, super-sized menus and busy lifestyles and we have the makings of problems for the children in our community!

What can be done?

It's easy to say exercise for 60 minutes per day, eat more fruits and vegetables, limit junk food, limit video games and TV time...but life isn't always that easy and we are ALL guilty of it from time to time!

That's where KID FIT can help! We've teamed up with local Physical Education Instructors, High School Coaches, Nutritionists and Fitness Experts to give you the resources to change the life and health of your family!
Kid Fit! Education Center
We have compiled some great articles to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest and greatest in keeping your family healthy and fit! Have your own tip or article you would like featured? We would love to hear it! Email it here.
Find help and great ideas here!
Get tips and adivce from some of Hollywood's biggest stars and trainers!
It's fun...tastes great...and is good for your family!
Great reads to help you and your family!
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The Democrats, hoping to rebound to their glory days of 2012, are trying to avoid massive mid-term losses by accusing Conservatives of being racists. Will it work again in 2014?
: No, in fact there will be a backlash against it
: Yes, they are racists
: Not sure playing the race card will work again in 2012