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The Jayne Carroll Show
For over ten years, the Jayne Carroll Show has been KUIK’S local home to stay on top of what’s happening in the news.  From politics, sports, the law, to celebrities making headlines, if people are talking about it, the Jayne Carroll Show is your place to keep informed and be heard.

Jayne, a conservative political analyst, offers a local forum for heated and respectful discussion on a wide range of topics. Her show features fascinating local and national guests including weekly segments with nationally syndicated columnist and television analyst ANN COULTER and local political pundits ROB KREMER and MARC ABRAMS.

On the lighter side, the Jayne Carroll Show produces an action packed listener KUIK trivia contest, EVERYDAY COOKING with Kristie & Carroll (a popular cooking show segment), and countless contests for delighted prize winners.

An educated, adult audience tunes in daily to Jayne's refreshing approach to the day's hot topics…and many of those listeners call in to discuss them!  Jayne has been actively involved in local and national politics for decades. She's served as a policy advisor, speechwriter, manager, and media specialist…She knows what she's talking about!

The Jayne Carroll Show is the only weekday female-hosted conservative talk show in the Portland metropolitan area from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Do you want to talk to Jayne?   Phone 503-648-0101.

Get more of Jayne for the Hillsboro Argus at OregonLive.com

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Jayne Carroll Features
MONDAYS, 5:05PM. Once a week, a veteran of almost 200 political campaigns Marc Abrams provides his excellent liberal analysis on The Jayne Carroll Show.
TUESDAYS, 4:35pm-6:00pm
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